As a trusted leader in service and hospitality Aramark is working with their partners to do away with the harsh and justifiable reputation sadly synonymous with hospital and nursing home food offerings. The full team is dedicated to delivering exceptional dining experiences that nourish and satisfy the residents of long-term care facilities. This program is in further support of Aramark’s “people first” initiatives. Responding to an understanding that the full experience is not only about the food, but also about the surrounding environment, we have developed several brands to give care facilities input in how best to server their community’s needs.

A loved one’s move to a care facility is more often than not a difficult and tough decision. With this brand we strove to remind residents and family members of the importance of being among others. Clever puns and inviting language were developed to make all feel at home. Here all are welcome to Gather around the table in this new home.

Each of our brand directions were designed with visual interest and a fresh food focus. Nothing artificial and certainly no echoes of juvenile or childish cues. Our approach was informed by the residents and reinforcing the collective feeling that they are being treated with dignity.

The Honest Table brand took a farmer’s market approach. A little more “retro” and packed with the visual cues and feeling of a traditional market. Images featured real menu item offerings, cropped to show each in their best light. Brand features Honest ingredients delivered in a familiar visual vernacular. Personal and warm.

Not all care facilities share the same demographics. Understanding that some facilities support a younger clientele who due to catastrophic illnesses or accidents require care outside of their home. For this group we developed an option that features a more contemporary feeling and vibe. Like the other brands we stayed away from juvenile cues here leaning into a young and hip theme.

With a brand name that invites conversation and reinforces a message that we all have stories to tell we set out to develop a bright and colourful brand story. This colourful solution reflects the brand’s belief that life is better when shared. The brand elements were rolled out across collateral materials and environment enriching posters. Our overall pallet was drawn from nature, and did not rely on showcasing literal food and ingredient offerings. Through this, our solution remained simple. Life lived in full colour with all its contrasts and curves.

Lending further support to the long-term care teams we are charged with developing seasonal, themed environment enriching pieces. These simple themes give residents, families, visitors, and staff a conversation ground while serving to lighten moods. Never juvenile but rather a celebration of simple things in a light-hearted manner. These simple posters spur conversation which aids cognitive and social interactions.

The seasonal project has been a rewarding one for all involved. We get to stretch our design wings while the families get to enjoy themed evenings and activities complete with entry tickets, take aways, stickers and more. The full family – the young and young at heart are entertained. Instagram worthy backdrops mean the moments are captured and don’t become fleeting memories.

Making sure that our approach is never juvenile or reminiscent of a day-care, we take pride in offering seasonal design solutions that are “current” and leaning toward being on trend. Yes, we do mix-in retro touches as resident memory cues, but we make sure that the solutions enrich the environment for all involved. Never looking old or stale. Life lived in full colour – always.

Project support surrounding long-term care initiatives

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