Building wine brands that people love requires passion and dedication. It also requires a team of creatives to capture the interest and eye of the consuming public. Working both in support of the internal design studio as well as on stand-alone projects, we have had the privilege to touch a host of legacy Canadian wine brands through the creation of POS materials, neck tags, in-store advertising materials and digital assets. Understanding the complexity surrounding Spirits Canada code of responsible advertising and marketing lead to many interesting discussions. Through it all, however, it is the editorial design that remains our favourite partnership function.

Canada’s Niagara and Okanagan wines are celebrated with pride. Born out of hard work, and dedication the region’s talented wine makers help to spread the word by putting Canadian wines on the world stage. The Corkboard Magazine brings Great Estates wine club members news and updates about the brands, the industry, and the regions they love most. We get to flex our editorial design skills and sample some fabulous products. Not a bad gig at all!

Packed with information, these seasonal publications are a celebration of how words and pictures can work together. Call it “old fashioned” but there is something still to be said for the tactility and the experience that only a magazine can bring.

Wine is shaped by geography and Canada has a varied and unique one. Presenting these intricacies on the world stage required a special presentation. An annual, international event ProWein facilitates the mixing and mingling of industry pros and an opportunity to learn and showcase all that’s best about Canadian wines and the varietals in this portfolio. Truth be told – it’s fun to show off – sometimes.

As wine makers, estates and wineries look at growing their consuming audience, digital engagement is vital to obtaining key marketing goals. As traditional wine brands compete for consumers against craft beers, and ready to drink offerings, a focus on the experience and the place offers unique messaging opportunities.

Working with The Wine Rack, Great Estate and RJS brands, we were charged with creating strong digital call-to-action messaging. Focusing on the experience, culture and education surrounding the wine drinking occasion helps consumers to see these brand offerings in a new light, to a new audience.

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