What started as a summer project in 1983 continues to surprise and delight consumers across North America. Buttery goodness in a variety of sizes and flavours has allowed us to create packaging solutions for a host of product lines, retailers, brand partnerships and consumer groups. All this while staying true to the company’s product mantra – natural, small batch, made with care. One unifying brand supporting purposeful sub-brands has led to rewarding creative explorations. When both the client group and the design team are universally passionate about their craft it shows.

Styles and trends change, brands are challenged to keep up. However, the successful brands do so by never losing sight of their purpose and point of differentiation. Putting a continued focus on what the consumer is being offered creates recall and familiarity. Close cropped photography can be a powerful tool when mixed with clever supports that give the brand the ability to stay current.

Whether supporting partnership programs or converting standing design solutions to suit the needs of retail affiliates, we maintain a consistent product focus. Believing that the beauty of the product drives initial sales, while the taste fabulousness drives repeat sales, we strive to showcase these cookies as the gems that they truly are.

A cookie is not just a cookie. Not all are created equal, not even all Cookie It Up tasty gems. Over the years we have been called upon to produce a variety of sub-brands in support of size, composition, thickness, crunch, and heritage to name a few factors.

It started with the Aurora line – a line celebrating the birthplace of the bakery in 1983. An homage to a once little but now big town north of Toronto. Each box featured a vintage image along with a write-up allowing the consumer to learn a little about this charming place and where it all began.

Next followed Evie’s. A quirky line supporting a thin, crispy cookie with the same buttery taste that is synonymous with the brand. Perfect for when you need to sneak a special treat or indulge in a “pinkies up” occasion.

Responding to the market’s call for sustainable packaging a switch was made to pouches when the Shorts line was introduced. Small (and yes buttery) bite-sized shortbread cookies required not only a new form of packaging, but also a sub-brand name & treatment. The package design rolled out with ease once we landed on the brand name. US and Canadian packaging and supports in the form of sales collateral materials assured a successful launch into the North American market. The Shorts line continues to be a large part of the company’s portfolio of brands.

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