A new-to-market product with unique features requires some heavy lifting to get off the ground. Working in partnership with a diverse group of stakeholders, our early ideation informed the direction of the brand and its personality. Sometimes yes, it does take a village to build a foundation. Best described as “nerd-chic” we aimed to reiterate the notion that this product can be customized to be as unique as you are – quirks, likes, dislikes and all. Keenly aware that consumers are looking to be uplifted and yearning for optimism, we led with humour, colour and fun.

In the launch phase digital dissemination remains the brand’s primary channel. This calls for strong creative and rich content with an air of consistency. Using a strong brand colour pallet, short but quirky video content, goofy props and illustrations allows for the reinforcement of the brand’s ethos. In a world of visual noise finding ways to stand out is more important than ever.

Pictures do indeed tell a thousand words. By stretching our imagination and working with a crackerjack styling and photography team we were able to create product usage stories and desirable environments – all aimed at reinforcing the brand’s personality and the product’s value proposition.

Creating custom content requires brands to lean into their authentic selves. Consumers have grown weary of “aspirational” messages and are looking for mood boosters. Whether its toys from childhood, crazy costumes, fun clip art or great typography we strove to create an overall mood to make the scrollers smile.

Utilizing a blend of custom, stock and digitally built images we created a narrative that works across the eCommerce site, social feeds and e-marketing platforms. Yes, we can talk about all the “back-end” but we prefer to focus on the fun and levity that the brand continues to convey.

New to market – Keen Energy Bites

ACH Foods Inc.

Brand Voice Development, eCommerce site build & support, Social Media, Copy-writing, Art Direction, Photography Direction, E-Marketing