To be known as the “epitome for Swiss quality” takes years of perfecting, unbreakable standards and focused consistency. As a brand Lindt remains the crown jewel in the Lindt & Sprüngli Group portfolio of companies. Distributed across 120+ countries, we proudly support both global activations as well as North America specific programs surrounding both the Lindt and Lindor brands. All while adhering to a brand, quality and sustainability standard that assures consistency across the globe. We take on the challenge of meeting the global brand standards as set for each brand, while remaining compliant with Canadian packaging regulations.

Retail is a competitive jungle. Sometimes standing out is simply a matter of consistency, clarity, and predictability. Extending Lindor’s signature retail format across multiple & evolving flavours and differentiators, assures recognizability and a consumer’s top-of-mind choice.

Canada though a diverse country unifies around its love of Swiss Chalet’s rotisserie chicken. A Canadian institution dating back to 1954, we proudly show up as part of the beloved Festive Special® dinner offering. Here we get to celebrate with countless families through our special holiday treats packaging. Merriness for all.

Chocolate is one of those unique commodities that gets to shine year-round. Spring and Easter is perhaps one our favourite visual story telling opportunity. Designing bright, fun and airy packaging on the heels of our sometimes-grey winters gives the whole studio a welcome lift.

Keeping a brand fresh and exciting is a marketing team’s mantra. Creating captivating flavour varieties and packaging for specialty chains allows big-box stores to offer their members something unique. Such retail partnerships keep us on our toes as sustainability and responsible packaging solutions are looked upon with a watchful eye.

Much like limited-edition packaging, seasonal offerings afford us the opportunity to think outside the box while adhering to global brand standards – just stretched a little. After-all Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving… and chocolate go together like… you name it. PS: designing an advent calendar is the most fun!

Ongoing brand stewardship in support of the North American market

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